Pico PSU-90


  • PicoPSU-90 12V DC-DC ATX power supply
  • Smallest DC-DC ATX PSU
  • 90 Watts
  • 12V input
  • 100% silent, fanless
  • 12V-ATX cable
  • Plugs directly into the ATX connector
  • Configurable wire harness
  • Perfect for mini-ITX board
  • ROHS compliant version
  • PicoPSU + Adapter Bund


Ultra-Compact design, less cables. The picoPSU-90 is the smallest plug-in 12V ATX dc-dc power supply. The picoPSU is compatible with an entire range of mini-itx motherboards as well as regular boards. The picoPSU-90 provides a cool, silent 90 Watts of power for small PC designs using a single 12V power source.

- Very small (even smaller than picoPSU-120), can build unltra-compact PC enclosures and slim server enclosures.
- Fits any motherboard equipped with a 20 or 24pin ATX connector.
- 100% silent, fanless, no moving parts.
- Operates at only 12V.
- Highly efficient design, does not produce a lot of heat.
- Ideal for low power Intel D945GCLF, D945GCLF2 as well as all VIA C7 or low power AMD motherboards.

Power Supply Type
DC Converter
Input Tolerance
+/- 5%
Input Range Voltage
Maximum Output Voltage
Output Voltage
+3.3 +5 +5VSB +12 -12
Max Output Current(A)
5A 6A 1.5A 5A 0.05A
Output Wattage
- - - - -
PCB Dimension
20mm (W) x 30mm (H) x 44.5mm (L)

Order Information
Part #
Migrus Pico PSU-90

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